Welcome to my domain!


My Interests

I am a novice programmer that enjoys helping people.

I am also the owner and host of Altarchy, a Minetest anarchy server.

No JavaScript

This website does not use any JavaScript so as to provide a somewhat decent experience to those who do not use powerful computers or modern computers.

JavaScript takes up rediculous amounts of resources even in modern-day computing devices yet, despite that, many companies and individuals use it where it really doesn't make any sense to do so. Even in places that would be better as a static webpage.

I am rather passionate about how awful the modern-day web has become. Anyone who has had known me for a while probably knows this about me as I have a tendency to rant about the state of the modern web quite frequently.

I love lightweight, low-powered computing devices such as the Raspberry Pi 400 and I often challenge myself to use them for every-day computing. In fact, I am writing this paragraph on one right now.

I am quite the fan of LISP and derived programming languages. The idea that a programming language is it's own definition is one of the most amazing things I can think of, and I wish more people used this family of programming languages.

Swordplay is a fascination of mine. While I have never actually attended any form of swordplay training, I would love to look into such things as Kendo or fencing.

Severe weather is also a fascination of mine; one that I never got to persue. I love watching severe thunderstorms and tornadoes, however, I have never gotten the chance to be a stormchaser.